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About Mala's

About Mala's
When the British left India, they also left behind their mark on our nation. They influenced a number of habits including those of food. One of the many food cultures they impressed is that of today\'s most popular breakfast accompaniment -The Jam. Way back in the 1950\'s, the idea of flavourising fruits in such a viscous form was not only alien to our people but also a bit abstruse. Convincing a highly traditional "Old is Gold" believer nation of such high magnitude; that fruits can be consumed in such a manner was a magnanimous task in itself. Having acquired the basic technical skills and knowledge of jam making from various institutes.
Today after ahighly experienced period of 50 years the company boasts of 500 tonnes of jam production alone! Such an untread yet fruitful journey can never be shouldered by one man alone. Aiding Mr. Taiyab Mala are his two able sons Mr. Mufaddal Mala and Mr. Murtaza Mala. What keeps the company going is their undying affection, support and security offered to their working staff.

Our Mission
we promise to leave your varied taste-buds as gratified as our fruitful journey in building the country\'s most sought after brand for processed fruit products. We are also committed in bringing you processed fruit products closest to the quality that Nature intended. Thus our Berry Berry good products are equally enjoyed by the young

Our Philosophy
There are certain corporate values unique to Mala\'s due to which we think we are an organization that does things differently. The thought that needs to come across is that quality is an outcome of who we are and yet not to lose focus on our offerings. There is a certain passion that goes on "Behind-the-scenes" that enables us to produce and deliver the taste, the quality that meets the eye.

Social Initiatives
Mala\'s has been consistent in serving for the betterment of the society. We are a value driven company that focuses on teamwork, communication, accountability, quality and passion. The company is a boon to the localities for them it has been their bread, butter & Jam! Mala\'s has been also supportive to many local programs and initiatives for fruit farmers and their families.

55 Years of Fruitful Journey
Mala\'s, which started as a jam-making hobby by our grandfather has now been an accomplished undertaking. While taking this step forward, we promise to leave your varied taste buds as gratified as our fruitful journey. We are committed in bringing to you processed fruit products closest to the quality that Nature intended. With an adroit experience of 55 years, Mala\'s has been continually providing India with unrivalled fruit-based products.
Mala\'s now has extended its product category with premium Mocktail Cordials, Fruit Sauces, Fruit Confectionaries and also Fruit Fillings for Bakery applications. We at Mala\'s have always aimed to bring in new innovative products and concepts, aimed at tapping newer markets and applications.

The Entity Breezy Greens is owned by Mala's Fruit Products.

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